Friday, November 27, 2009

Kim kardashian naked. Stuff.

Kim kardashian naked. New pics from google.

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Am I reacting and misunderstaning? Ok, me and my bf have been almost in a stable, loving relationship for a year. Then, last week while we were at Walmart, I read about the signs and found two Kim Kardashians. He said he thought it was very hot and sexy (in a way lust) and he said he would buy one (one that is almost naked in lingerie little) and put him in the back of her bedroom door (where currently resides a poster of the movie both had placed BOLT). Well the poster Kim Kardashian was out of stock so could not buy it. Anyway, he asked me if I minded if he would put that sexy poster in his room. To this I replied not care, but I threw the question out there, how would you like if you were to put a lineup of big fan of a sexy celebrity like Usher or rock ... which said the attention and I could not put it to him ... he just admires her beauty and that's it ... nothing more than that ... and that's why .... not their sexual fantasies ... etc. .. What makes me a little annoying is that I'm usually the one who comes to your home ... so I will get to see Kim at all times to your door ... unlike him ... so he never made to feel jealous but I put a sign in my room ... So my question is ... Am I reacting ...?? Is it just normal guy thing to do ..?? Is it now after a year, is comfortable to reveal his true self and what she likes to open and share your thoughts about Kim Kardashian ...?? Personally, I feel like maybe you are bored with me ... or no longer finds me attractive ... or is so used to me looking for a change ... even if only on a poster. I doubt I see that sign I will want to be intimate in the room of your ... How to handle this situation?
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